Running numbers in January 2013

Somehow, a month of 2013 is already finished. I’ve had a number of firsts (NHL game, San Francisco karaoke bar, and more). And in the running part of my life, I’ve also had some firsts:

East Bay living
  1. Finally explored Pleasanton Ridge, which is near my house and has miles of trails including the one above.
  2. Bought new trail shoes (technically, I did that on Dec. 30, but close enough) that do not cause any blisters, upset toenails or painful feet. This is a significant miracle. 
  3. Went on a 20-mile trail run, my longest one on trails yet. I did that with some of my awesome buddies from my old running club.

    Steve, Doug, Bill, Kris, Steve and me
  4. Ran trails in Point Reyes in 28-degree temperatures with friend Scott, who did not push me off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.
  5. Good trail runners only pretend to throw you off a cliff.

  6. Ran three miles to the gym, worked out, then ran three miles home. The day before a trail run. Twice this month.
  7. Ran 30 or more miles a week every week of the month for the first time ever.
  8. Saw a mountain biking unicyclist. Twice.
  9. This unicyclist powered straight up that big, steep hill without collapsing.
  10. Ran 12 miles on a Thursday night without water, which was the longest I’d ever run on a work night and the longest I’d ever run without water.
  11. Ran 65 miles on trails, which I believe is the most trail miles I’ve ever done in one month.
  12. Ran 11.11 miles this morning (Thursday), which was my longest-ever pre-work run.
  13. ANNNND, I ran 141.7 miles in January, which beat my previous highest month by 7.4 miles.

If this is any indication of what the next month will bring, I’m in for a lot of adventures. I’m crossing my fingers, because I always seem to hurt myself whenever things are going well, but I’m doing more maintenance now than I used to — gym, core, foam rolling, etc. So, what will February bring? Perhaps more of this kind of view:

5 Responses to Running numbers in January 2013

  1. WOW!!! You have had quite the month!! Well done.

    Also, mountain biking unicyclist?? I don’t even know what to say about that.

    To February!!

  2. That looks like an awesome way to start the year off Layla! I’m glad to hear that the new shoes are working out well for you. And 141.7 miles in a month is some seriously nice mileage, way to go!

  3. What an awesome and strong month!!! Nice job getting out there on the trails!!! I am curious to try out the shoes you got!

  4. Great photos! Makes me want to go hiking at this moment instead of working on this book!

  5. Thank you so much for the lookup on free air for my bike tires! I’ll totally have to be more assertive when I am out riding and can’t figure out my air next time!!