Tuesday Time-Waster: 52 places to go

The New York Times published a list of places to see in 2014, (which probably means that they’ll get over-saturated, but that’s beside the point). I’m a little perplexed by a few of the options including #5, “downtown Los Angeles,” and I doubt I’ll actually go to any of them in 2014, but it’s fun to look through the list and see the pictures.

I’m a little biased when I note the absence of Ireland. I still have yet to finish the blog posts about my September trip there, so here’s a photo just to make this post a bit more interesting.

Green cliffs, blue sky. Vacation at its best.

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  1. Michaela says:

    Thanks — now I can’t stop fantasizing about being anywhere but here. My top three dream destinations right now: Tokyo (for ramen and ramen museums and fake food displays and cat cafes), Cape Town (wine! sharks! wine! sharks!) and anywhere with the Northern Lights (ooh, shiny).

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