Friday Friend: Leen

I first saw this photo several days ago, and I’m still laughing. Seriously, I’ve had the blog post as an open tab in my browser for days, just because it cracks me up when I happen to click on it. So that’s why Leen is this week’s Friday Friend.

(The photo links directly to her blog post; if you link to it, please do the same thing.)

Leen’s been posting a photo a day this entire year, and it’s pretty impressive. I’m a sucker for fall colors, but she can really capture the season properly. But through her lens, sunrise also takes on a new look, as do Coke and daffodils and snowflakes.

I’ve known Leen for 10 years (whoa, really?!), thanks to the wonders of the Internet. And, also because of the Internet, now everyone can see her photos, too.

One Response to Friday Friend: Leen

  1. so glad you shared your Friday Friend. I am loving her amazing photography.