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It took me a while to restart my blog, in part because I wanted a different name for it. I’ve used for years, and I happened to pick that name due to sheer lack of creativity and plenty of exhaustion. It’s actually pretty hard to come up with a URL that isn’t taken, and it’s getting harder every year.

My work blog became dormant when I got too busy, and then more so when the website changed and looked more foreign than ever. But weeks and then months passed and I couldn’t come up with a name for my own blog. I wanted to blend running and writing, and my choice would have been “Between the Lines” as a play on paper lines and road/track lines. However, everything remotely similar was already a registered domain name, and I was determined to claim the URL as mine, too. After a brainstorming session with friends in Portland earlier this month, I went online and struck out once again.

And so The Smudge remains. It’s been mine for eight and a half years, which means that if I keep it a couple more years it will have outlasted my career. I’m at a vague place in life, but at least my website and e-mail address are on solid ground.

Anyway, I intend this blog to be about running, writing and any random bits of my life that I feel like including. It doesn’t have much running on here yet (other than that link up there) due to a stress fracture, which will be discussed soon in another post. And it doesn’t have much about writing, either, because I’m only just starting to regain my desire to write. But I do feel that desire returning; I was just watching an episode of a TV show I missed while on vacation, and it partially addressed something I want to write at length about. A small voice in my head was quietly screaming, “Do it! Go after that project! I’m not resting until you do!” Yes, little voice, I’m trying to listen and I’m trying to find myself again.

So that, in a rambling way, is what this blog is about. We’ll see what happens when I attempt to mix running, writing and the occasional happenings of my life.

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  1. Sounds like you have your feet on the ground and are ready for where ever life takes you! Way to go Layla!