Weekend Wrap-up: Shark, etc.

As has become my sad habit (due to the stress fracture of doom), this weekend involved no running. This means you’re not being subjected to a report of how many miles I traveled, etc, etc. Instead, I went to the Lodi Grape Festival with friends who got free tickets. It’s basically like a county fair, minus the livestock, plus huge murals made of grapes. And we had this:


Along with a helping of odd cuteness:

Shorn alpaca, perhaps?

And there were the carnies, of course, who somehow always manage to assemble rides and operate games involving darts without leaving a trail of mayhem behind them. The funny thing is, I heard two security guards got into a fight there, not the carnies.

Sunday involved lunch with the gals, and then a dresser cleaning spree. I was quite surprised to discover that I had 70 pairs of socks and 61 pairs of underwear. Those numbers have since been reduced, and I plan to go through them again later as I try to Downsize My Life.

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