Friday Friend: Sam F.

Some bloggers do themes on certain days, such as Three Things Thursday and Friday Favorites. Well, I’m going to do Friday Friends — similar to Twitter‘s Friday Follow, where people list some of their friends. I’ll highlight a blog or website that belongs to a friend, or that I think is worth sharing.

I’m starting with, a non-profit run by Sam Felsenfeld, father of an autistic son. In 2010 he is running 61 marathons (it started as 60 marathons, but he’s an overachiever) to raise money for autism research. All profits go to Train 4 Autism. When he’s not jetting off every weekend to run 26.2 miles or more, he’s working full-time, and he’s a doting husband and father of three. I follow him on Twitter, where his Friday and Monday updates are usually concerns about squeezing in time for his kids and wife, or flying home in time for the family’s Sunday dinner. I’m not sure how he manages to blog every day and keep up with a whole bunch of people online.

I met Sam (yep, my picture’s in there) in September, when he was doing a seven-hour run in Portland. Yep, he really is as funny, crazy and cool in person as he is online. He’s doing just about anything to raise money, and his heart is clearly in the right place. I know people with autism, and they are some of the smartest, sweetest people I’ve ever encountered — but we definitely need to figure out how to prevent autism, because it’s so sad to see them struggle when they shouldn’t have to.

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  1. I also tweet a lot about food. :/ Thanks for posting this!