Destiny aired at the end of Season One and introduced a rather radical idea to the fans of Roswell. Politics were the reason for the podster's existence. Max was the leader of a world. They all perished in conflict. War. They had enemies. They were risking their safety by listening to the Mommogram. Here are some thoughts Qfanny developed about the Twilo's politics.

1) The Max/Tess pairing is a political union between good and evil aliens--a visual sign of a peace treaty. Also, The Twilo race's political structure is akin to our old feudal systems.

    Most posters agree that the proto Max/Tess pairing was political. Historically, marriage is a formal legal contract. Even today, when two people are married, they are legally bound to one another. Marriage has often been used to settle conflict, to increase domain and usurp power. This is especially true for leaders. The union of two people in leadership could have nullified a war.
2) Aliens on both side either reject or support the peace treaty.

    Assuming that the proto Max/Tess pairing is a political peace treaty, then it likely that both sides of the conflict had factions that did not support the peace treaty. I doubt that every argument was solved by the marriage of two leaders to join two races. And it's possible that the adage, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" started to come into play after the marriage of Max/Tess occurred.

Qfanny hypothesized these factions:
Evil Alien

Pro-Destiny: Support M/T: Tess's group

The general opinion with Dreamers is that Tess was an Evil Alien. But Tess was definitely pro-"Destiny." She lived and breathed to be reunited with Max. She was the one that recovered the Saturn book and explained their purpose to the pod squad. It was therefore easy to put Tess into the faction of Evil Aliens that supported the peace treaty marriage. An offspring between proto Max/Tess would forever unite two opposite sides. Leadership, seems to be passed through bloodlines.

Anti-Destiny: Support M/L: Pierce's group

There was also a theory that Pierce was an Evil Alien. So, assuming that Pierce would have an opinion on the peace treaty, I place him in the anti-destiny faction of Evil Aliens. His mission is to destroy destiny. He hunted down Max. He threaten to kill those around Max unless Max activated the ORBS. I assume that Pierce wanted the orbs activated so his faction would come with backup support. If Pierce was against destiny, or against proto Max/Tess creating an offspring, he would therefore be in favor of Max and Liz. He doesn't want Destiny to be achieve, and Liz is his most favorable ally to this goal.

Shapeshifting Podians

Pro-Destiny: Support M/T: Harding's group

    Harding is on the Pro-Destiny side. Harding is the protector of Tess. Tess would be the most vulnerable of all the podsters, because she could be viewed as a traitor to her kind. She entered willingly into a marriage to squash a war. Harding is for the Max/Tess union. He makes that very clear to Liz in Max to the Max. I believe that Harding and Tess were chased by their enemies, trying to stop Destiny from occurring. Tess admits that she and Harding have never stayed any place too long. They have always been on the run. We assume from the government. I think it's from the Anti-Destiny Evil Alien faction. Harding wants Tess to survive so Max/Tess can produce an offspring, that would forever unite two worlds.
Anti-Destiny: Support Mi/I: TicTac's group
    The Podians are the shapeshifters. We have two according to the Theory of 2 Shapeshifters. Qfanny has put TicTac into the Anti-destiny side--that is, against the union between proto Max/Tess. TicTac seems to protect Michael more readily than he does the other podsters. He also answered Michael and Isabel's signal. He killed Hank and covered Michael's trail with Sheriff Valenti. Qfanny believes that because TicTac seems to care about Michael and Isabel more than Max, he was in favor of Michael and Isabel having a child. Isabel as Max's sister would have the right to rule the home planet--especially if she was to produce an heir. Offspring between Michael and Isabel would be 100% Podian assuming that Michael and Isabel are from the same people. That in of itself would free Max to be with Liz.
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