As Season 2 of Roswell the Television Show rapidly approached, it was inevitable that many of the theories surrounding the mythology of Season 1 would be both lost and forgotten. Qfanny and shapeshifter have here sought to preserve some of these theories for future generations of Roswellians.
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THE ARCHIVES -- Seasons 1, 2, & 3...
Season 3 Theories
Season 2 Theories -- with mindwarp discussions...
Theories About Liz ...Liz is important to the alien mythology...there is more to the Liz/Max connection than a mere attraction...
Orb Theories ...They fall asleep and while they sleep, the orb is just sitting there, basically unprotected.
Theory of 2 Shapeshifters ...We watched and rewatched the episodes....this leads us to the theory of two shapeshifters.
Tessovisions and Mommograms ...she can place images in others' minds....FanForum posters call this a "Tessavision."
Evil/Enemy Alien Theories of the best things about watching Roswell is trying to figure out what motivates a character....
Color, Symbol, & Archetype Theories ...The other three boxes with dots could be the other podsters...
Political Theory ...Qfanny hypothesized these factions...
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